green dealer award

The goal is to reduce Honda's carbon footprint by over 16,500 metric tons of CO2 per year by 2025.
The energy saved could power 3,864 Canadian homes for a year!

As of November 2019, participating dealers are collectively saving over $350,000 per year in electricity and gas costs, and cutting CO2 emissions by an estimated 2,600 metric tons.

We’re proud to say our Green Dealers’ carbon footprints are shrinking.
That’s equivalent to the carbon offset from over 600 Canadian homes each year!*


Providing heat and power to buildings accounts for around 46% of Canadian energy consumption and CO2 emissions, more than any other source. It’s more important than ever take measures to help reduce the environmental impact of commercial buildings.

When it comes to increasing energy efficiency, existing guidelines don’t consider auto dealerships’ showrooms, service centres, car washes and body shops – all of which consume significant amounts of energy.

That’s why Honda developed an energy reduction program specifically for our dealers, helping them chart a course towards achieving zero net energy use while lowering their operating costs.