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Honda Civic 2022

Honda Civic 2022

Honda Civic 2022

The 11th Generation Civic embodies a fresh design character that displays clean

exterior lines without an abundance of visual noise. It appears to be going faster with

less effort. Honda has refined the Civic and whether you’re a driver or a passenger

the 2022 Civic makes getting there more intuitive, fun and comfortable.

Sculpting the body was partially an inside out process. The requirements of a clean

open interior cabin influenced how progressive the lines became on the exterior

shell. The goal of tranquility within manifests itself as a calm, bold statement



Kei Kobayashi, the Packaging Design Lead for the 2022 Civic describes the

following requirements that created the new design excellence.

The 11th Gen design has an emphasis on visual feedback that the driver can get

from the vehicle. We have secured a wide viewing angle that enables the driver to

see beyond the curve in the road. By establishing a standard for horizontal visibility

the driver can accurately feel the vehicle position on the road. Eliminating any

distractions, such as unevenness in reflection in the instrument panel or shadow cast

from the window curvature helps realize a visually noiseless design. Through this

concept the vehicle offers clear visibility which ensures a satisfying driving



Achieving this concept required that the landing spot for the A pillars is 50mm closer

to the occupants, the front fenders were lowered 25mm and the mounting location

for the door mirrors was changed.


Yasunori Ogawa, Interior Design Creative Lead, comments further on the reduction

of visual noise inside the cabin of the 2022 Honda Civic.


To design a flat and clean instrument panel we eliminated unnecessary cut lines and

paid attention to how it looks in every detail. A beautiful appearance is not

everything. We pursued an interface which enables the user to grasp necessary

information immediately. Meters in the center display were positioned to limit eye

movement. To reduce driver distractions switches for the AC and door window

functions were positioned so that intuitive operation is possible with minimal

movement. One design that stands out is the air outlets. Conventional outlets have a

sense of being large and stand-alone. The 2022 Civic changed this with the

distinctive honeycomb strip running parallel to the instrument panel. We hid the

existence of air outlets and realized a visually noiseless and highly sophisticated

space. Designing a visually noiseless frame and surfacing means making people feel

comfortable and refreshed.


Honda’s design team has reinvigorated Soichiro Honda’s design philosophy for the

2022 Civic Sedan. True design should elevate the appeal and beauty of any

dissonant parts while also having them completely satisfy the requirements for



Look forward to experiencing the 2022 Civic at Midland Honda this summer!

Until next time,



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