Want to know what your trade-in is really worth?

Just provide some basic vehicle information and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll then launch your vehicle on TradeRev, Canada’s leading dealer to dealer digital auction.

From there, dealers across Canada will bid on your vehicle, and the best price is your offer.

With TradeRev you can sit back while thousands of dealers across the country bid on your vehicle in a 45 minute auction

At the end, you can decide if you like the price I want to sell.

It's simple:

1. We'll sell you a link where you can input a few details about your vehicle and take some pictures from home. Once complete, we'll review and launch it to TradeRev’s online digital auction site.

2. During the 45 minute auction dealers from across Canada will be able to bid on your car.

3. At the end of the auction, you'll find out how other dealers value your vehicle with the top bid, and you can decide whether that is right for you. No commitment.

Ready to Trade in? Ask us to send you a Trade In at Home Link.

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