Why Lease

20 Reasons why leasing is a great option!

ü Protected against negative equity

ü Don't pay all of the taxes upfront

ü Eliminate the hassle of trade in value

ü Drive a car that is always under warranty

ü GAP protection

ü Tax Benefit - $32,000 purchase vs. $800 + Tax Lease

ü More car for the same money

ü Keep your cash/equity and invest for a profit

ü Ability to adapt to your lifestyle needs

ü Protect against monetary loss due to an accident

ü Lower monthly payments/invest the difference

ü Confidence of driving the latest technologies and safety features.

ü Lowest cost of ownership (maintenance)

ü Always owe less on an Lease than a purchase

ü Take advantage of the renewal program that the dealer has.

ü High Mileage risk. The more you drive the more you cannot afford to Lease.

ü Protect against model changes

ü Joy of new car experience more often

ü Covered against a wrong choice of options, colour, etc….

ü Guaranteed future value